Sunday, April 13, 2008

World's Worst Blogger

Okay, so I suck! I have not updated in almost a week. But, it's not like anybody reads this, it is more like a personal outlet for me. Pretty much the same crap different day at our house. I still continue to save money for the adoption. I also found out that I need to lose at least 45 pounds to be eligible to adopt from Korea. So on Friday I started to really watch what I am eating. I have a Dr. appointment on Tuesday in reference to my thyroid He is going to be pissed of as I gained weight from last winter after I was sick. I am trying to keep my calories below 1500 every day. If that's the correct amount, I don't know, I am continuing to look up info to see If the stupid Georgia weather would cooperate, I could do more outside and hopefully burn up some of this fat. On the good side, because I have to do something to keep my mind of eating , I have started to clean and sew.

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