Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gluten Free

By the advice of the pediatrician, both of my boys are gluten free. Ethan has been since last October and Landon since January. Ethan was for autistic tendencies and Landon for digestion issues. The differences have been extreme. Ethan is a different child. His speech has improved ten fold, his coordination is better, bathroom habits are much better, and he has lost his big bloated belly. Landon has started to gain weight and try to become more physically active. He is able to take a few steps now. We are hoping that after his little tongue snipping, he will make progress in speech.
The food choices sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Many of the thinks, such as crackers and cookies are either very hard or taste horrible. By trial and error, we have found many choices that work for our boys. Eating out is sometimes a challenge as well. Many restaurants think that all kids menus should have breaded chicken or mac and cheese on it. We often get Ethan an adult entree to share with Landon. I also try to get something that Landon can eat since he always wants some of what I am eating. Kudos to the restaurants that post their menus and nutrition information online, this saves me a ton of time!

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