Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enterprise Rent-a- Car

Do you remember this post by Carlos ? I now have one of my own to add.

Saturday morning, idiot husband (more on that later) crashed his truck. We followed all the procedures in filing the claim and so forth. He has full coverage so we are able to pick up a rental. Our insurance company makes a reservation for us and then tells me its Enterprise. I think that I could feel the hair stand up on my neck. We go and pick up the rental, and the genius (idiot) behind the counter tells me that they need to put a deposit on the car. I question that since it is being paid for thru our insurance. They refuse to rent to us unless we do. Now its 11:57 and they close at 12, so I said fine, give them my debit card since I didn't have a credit card with me. The genius told me that it would be a hold until we returned the car. I give him my card and we leave. Fast forward to today. I check my online statement for my bank, and low and behold, they have charged my card. I call my insurance company, (begins with an A and the guy from "The Unit" is their spokesman). They claim that I should not have to pay anything. I call Enterprise and they said too bad, its our policy regardless of who is paying. I ask why since they are guaranteed their money from insurance. Once again, too bad. Here's the funny part, they "claim" they will refund it when I return the car. So basically they are holding $150 of my money when I'm not the one paying for the rental.
My sister in law works for another car rental company. We have rented thru her and with various other companies over the last few years. I have NEVER , repeat NEVER PAID A "DEPOSIT" on any car. I have paid cash at the end of a rental and never gave a credit card at the beginning. Amazing!

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Kacie said...

Ugh, that's frustrating.

I've never personally rented a car before, since under-25 folks have a ridiculous surcharge to pay.

I think I'll avoid Enterprise if I can, though.