Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WFMW - prescription samples

My son uses an expensive asthma medication. Every time that we are at the Dr, which is, unfortunately often, I ask her for samples. She usually gives us a month's worth, which for us, is $50 worth. That's a huge budget helper in our house. Don't be afraid to ask, all they can say is no!

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Robin said...

I'm a Physician Assistant, and on a LOT of medications myself. I know that samples can really help! Don't be ashamed to ask for samples. If you haven't received them in the past, it may just be that they forget to ask if you need them.

Also, I have often told patients to drop by if they're in the area to pick up more samples when they run out-- without even making an appointment -- especially if I know a family has a hard time affording medicines. If you're the neighborhood of your doctor's office, call and ask if you can pick some up! Like you said, all they can say is no!

Anonymous said...

You are lucky. My kids doctors treat samples like gold and getting them is a pain in the rear. We're lucky if we can get a week out of them.
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