Friday, February 20, 2009

Frugality - Parking Apartment Style

ETA - Just wanted to add that in no way am I striking out against immigrants, as I am married to one! Just how can you read the signs in English if you can't speak or read the language?

When we moved back to Chicago, we had to move to an apartment to save money, as houses here are way out of our budget. I am glad we did now as my work situation changed last week. I have one major beef with the parking situation. I am glad we have a space, as many places you have to park on the street. The problem is this is how my neighbors like to park. I am the SUV on the right side of the picture. They parked so close that I was unable to walk between the cars and had to back out to put Landon in his car seat. This is why Illinois shouldn't let people take their driving tests in other languages!!

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