Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WFMW - Diaper Rash Cure

Last week Landon had the diaper rash of all diaper rashes. I mean, terrible. The poor boy was walking around like he just rode across the country on a horse. I found the miracle cure 31V8KM2V4JL__SL160_AA115_

I slathered this on him with each diaper change, and we definitely saw results the next day, and random old men quit asking me "Where's that boy's horse?" (Sadly, a true story). I have a "recipe" for a home remedy which I will try out the next time and share. I am a little curious, as it involves cooking dry cornstarch until it's brown. Has anyone else heard of this?

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Anonymous said...

We're Butt Paste converts over here, too!

We took nearly-6mo Birdie to the pediatrician for her well baby visit the other day and she had what I thought was a diaper rash. Her doctor said it was yeast and to use an over the counter athlete's foot medication like Lotrimin or Tinactin on it. Crazy as it sounds, the rash was gone in less than a day! I would have thought it was just a diaper rash, but it lasted a few days despite the Butt Paste. If your baby's rash continues, consider yeast as the culprit!

Pam said...

I love that stuff. I have used it on Rhett's stoma around his G-tube when it's super yucky and leaking like crazy too. It clears it right up.

Hope the rash stays away!!

Pam and Rhett