Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Okay, the last time I wrote, I talked about my new schedule, which I absolutely hate. I don't have time for anything, including blogging. Let's catch up on the the last (gulp) 2 months.

1. I worked on my birthday, yuck
2. I spent 3 days in Hotlanta going to a class that I went to 10 years ago, and no, they haven't changed the curriculum
3. Hubby crashed yet another car, yes, this is the 3rd one in 13 months.
4. Hubby moved back to Chicago, and is now unhappily taking public transportation.
5. Hubby whines daily that he is bored at work, because, you know, Ohare Airport is boring.
6. Landon turned 3, which brought on the attitude of a 13 yr old
7. I can confirm that Joseph Jackson is just as scary in person as he looks like on tv
8. I had a migraine that lasted 4 days, and now have to take medication to prevent them
9. I got to wonder the Swedish mecca known as IKEA all by myself with no interruptions
10.The boys are on their second week long trip to grandma and grandpa's house.

Okay, just a quick review, and as you can see, I have a lot of fuel for future posts!

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