Sunday, November 14, 2010

Days 7-14

Okay so I've been a blog slacker, I need to catch up

November 7
SSHHH, I waived a woman's bag fees who was leaving a bad situation
November 8
The Starbucks drive thru genie strikes again!
November 9
I made 2 batches of brownies and hubby took them to work for company bake sale where the proceeds went to a woman's shelter.
November 10
I volunteered in Landon's Pre-K class (yes my head is still spinning!)
November 11
I spent the day outside at my parent's house playing with my boys. We raked countless piles of leaves and jumped in them for hours!
November 12
I let my boys do yet another art project that involved..paint....and glue and glitter, and yes, I'm still finding it all over the place ;)
November 13
We purchased a prepackaged food donation bag at the grocery store and put it in the donation box for the food pantry.
November 14
My boys and I sat down together and watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition, a favorite of both them an I. The big thrill of the night was I introduced them to Jiffy Pop that you do on the stovetop. They thought it was hilarious!

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