Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Monday

Whew! Its always crazy on Mondays in our house. My day starts early, usually with a catch-up call with my boss. We like to make sure that we are on the same page with the daily business. The boys are up next, first Landon, then Ethan. Ethan is like his Daddy, he would sleep all day if you let him. Having Landon in his room put an end to that. Landon likes to throw toys from his crib to Ethan's bed. Breakfast, PBS, and playtime occupy our morning until its time to "wake up daddy" The boys go upstairs and wake up Eric. When Eric finally emerges from the bedroom, its lunchtime for the boys. Lunch, playtime, bother Momma time. Then finally NAP TIME! My favorite time of the day! I usually spend most of it on the phone. This is seriously the only time that I can talk without interruption. Today my quiet calls involved calling the doctor's office to get the results for Landon's blood work. Everything came back normal, including the celiac panel. That seems crazy since he is gaining weight and thriving on the gluten free diet. The next call was to the ambulance company who oh so intelligently turned in the claim for Landon in Eric's name. After waiting on hold for 22 minutes and having to listen to a message every 20 seconds about all of their claims personnel are busy, they are re-submitting the claim in Landon's name. After nap time, we took a quick trip to Wally-World for a few things. Dinnertime, movie, bath time and bed (for the boys that is) I just wrapped up a few things for work. Eric should be calling me soon to let me know if he is on his way home. Starting tomorrow, he is going to start taking Marta to save money. His truck is a crazy gas guzzler!

Well, thats my day in a nutshell. I promise more posts that may actually be intersesting!

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