Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hearing tests and 20 month olds don't go together

Today Landon had his hearing test, which of course he did not cooperate for. He is acting more and more like an almost 2 year old. Lots of screaming and kicking. The audiologist said that he is a professional drama queen. She is unable to say he has full hearing in both ears since he would not sit for the test that checks each ear separately.
Not much to do for work today, there's no resets next week, so no staffing to take care of. I only talked to Barry one time all day. Jonathan called and was trying to pick a fight. I proved him wrong and put a stop to his tantrum. He said we were denying him work, but he was not requested as he so thought.
Dinner tonight was simple, a "buffet" for the boys and spaghetti for Eric and I. I had all of the ingredients on hand, so no shopping for me today. The pasta and sauce were free with coupon and the sausage cost $1.99. Cheap meal special!
Eric called me a few minutes ago. He was waiting for the train. He made it there today without any problems. Lets hope the ride home is as easy. I think this will definitely help us save money as the pass for the month is $52.50. He would fill up the truck every 3-4 days at $60-65 a trip.

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