Friday, May 23, 2008

Doctor Bills

Why do Doctor bills always come in the mail on a Friday afternoon after the billing department is closed? Do they time them perfectly so you can be angry all weekend knowing that you are being charged for something you should not owe for. The topper is that they turn you over to collections and it's the first statement you have received!

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Pam said...

I am so with you on this one. UGH. Only here's our kicker, we got a notice from SSI saying that Rhett's benifits were going to be stopped in June on Friday, so we had the whole weekend to stew about it.

We have no idea why, and I can't get ahold of his worker, and May is ending this week!!!

We need this money so bad. ARGH!!

I still am not any closer today to finding out why than I was on friday when we first got the letter.


Okay, off my soapbox now.....