Thursday, June 26, 2008

Living With an Autistic Child

Every day, all day if I would let him, he plays with his trains. He lines them up and groups them, over and over again. If you look closely, you can pick out his "groups" He used to do this on the coffee table, but Landon started to pull them off. He moved to the dining room table so his brother wouldn't be able to reach them as easily.

Can somebody please find out why 1 in every 150 boys born in the US is now diagnosed as autistic? Will I ever have my sweet boy back?

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that it is 1 in every 98 boys . I have no idea why but that is an epidmic and they the government should be putting money into finding out why.

Sorry for the rant a bit I work with autistic children and I know there is no funding for programs for these children. If it was any other disease they would be sinking tons of money to find out why . Hopefully the goverment will wake up and do something.