Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WFMW - snack sack

Both of my boys are on a gluten free diet. To save money and to also ensure that I have a snack with me that they can eat (I was caught a few times) I purchased a small kid friendly lunch sack from the dollar section at Target. I keep it packed with snacks that the boys are able to eat. The sack is small enough to fit inside my purse. Sorry for the reflection on the picture, my kitchen is just way too bright in the morning!

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whittakerwoman said...

ok your sports names crack me up. Well not the names but the fact that you named them after players. Love it. H

Jess B said...

Great idea! We try to keep a small cooler of snacks in the van and it's so handy! Great idea to keep it in your purse.

3cookieday said...

I keep some crackers in my purse too, for when I need a few more shopping minutes!

Pepper said...

I like your idea of putting the snack in a lunch bag. I ussually try throwing crackers or a granola bar in my purse but they always turn to crumbs after a while. I love I could leave this in the car or in my purse. Great idea!

Audra Krell said...

Love this idea! Your bag makes snack time even more fun. It always feels better to be prepared...

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