Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy Week

I have had the busiest week this week. Monday morning, my DH calls me at 5 AM after he finished his newspaper route. "Honey, the car is dead come get me" Now mind, he is driving my old Santa Fe. It was a 2001 with 74 K miles. I had owned it for 5.5 years and it was paid off. He took over driving it when he totaled his Sport Trac last month. I go pick him up, have the car towed to the mechanic. He has to call off the rest of the week to the newspaper, must return on Friday. I have the joy of having to take him to the train station (North Springs) and pick him up. Tuesday, more of the same, plus I have pet sitting work to do on top of my regular full time job. The mechanic also calls with the glorious news that the engine is blown. We decide not to fix it, it just wasn't worth the cost. Wednesday, the boys had what I call their "therathon". Speech and Occupational therapy for Ethan, Physical therapy for Landon. I pick up DH in the middle of all of that and take him to the bus stop that will take him to the train. I go and clean out the car and sell it to the mechanic, who plans on replacing the engine. I got to pick him up at the glorious time of 2 AM! Thursday, work, DH to the train, and Ethan to the neurologist. The neurologist confirms what we all new, that Ethan is autistic. He recommends continuing therapy and also getting him into the school system. DH amazingly got a ride home from work. Friday, up early to accompany DH for a physical. The Dr thinks he has obstructive sleep apnea. Oh yay, more appointments for me to schedule. Landon had speech, and then we came home for a bit so I could work. We hit the road looking for another vehicle, (the second time in a month) We went from one end of greater Atlanta to another. Finally, he is now driving a Grand Am. I am now sweating how we are going to manage 2 car payments. OUCH!

IF you are still reading this, bless you for living thru my ramblings!

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