Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WFMW - homemade dog food

In light of the recent dog food recalls, I have taken the plunge and started making dog food for one of our dogs. She has always had a sensitive stomach and recently it's gotten worse. After speaking with our vet, I know give her the following mixture

1 cup cooked chicken (you can use any type of meat here, chicken was on sale this week)
1 cup cooked white rice (you can also substitute other grains here)
1/2 cup vegetables (any except onions)
1 crushed dog vitamin

In the last few days since I started this, her demeanor is great and no upset stomach. It's like she's a puppy again. If you choose to do this with any of your animals, please consult your vet first to find out the nutritional needs of your animal. One day I need to sit down and break down the cost to see if this is better than the ultra expensive sensitive formula dog food she was eating.

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Lauren said...

I made homemade dog food, too! I use pasta instead of rice, but it's pretty much the same recipe. My dogs love it. Sometimes if I'm super busy I have to give them canned food and my little dog, Gramps, just isn't that into it. But when I give him the good stuff, he usually licks his bowl clean. I stick to a whole foods diet, so I feel I should at least try that with my dogs. For me, it's really not any more expensive than buying the canned stuff and it's better for them!

Anonymous said...

I have fed my dogs a RAW diet for a while...all natural, and usually MUCH cheaper than the "bag-o-junk" Dogs can eat raw chicken (bones & all) just like wild dogs (ie wolves). seems they were all healthier & in better spirits when on this diet. (Oh, and another plus...the yard clean-up always seemed easier...they use what they are eating...less waste!!)

Anonymous said...

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