Sunday, December 14, 2008

Greetings from the Midwest

**sorry for the rant at the end** just trying to vent on the computer instead of the kids**

I know I have neglected to post, but I have had a crazy week +. In review,

12-7, drive from Atlanta to NW Indiana, 11.5 hours by myself with the boys

12-9, start new job at Midway airport, drive 60 miles each way in downpours

12-10, freezing rain, snow, for the drive home from Midway

12-11, actually work the gates for new job, memory starts waking up

12-12, go shopping with my sister, first time in years!

12-13, truck transmission starts acting weird

12-14, stuck 700 miles from home at parents house, no vehicle, parents gone for the weekend, potentially facing at least 2K in car repairs, yet DH keeps eating out!

Can you sense I'm frustrated? I bought the man a freezer full of food before I left, yet he continues to eat out since I'm not there, literally we're talking about microwave food here, no prep necessary. His laziness kills me, on top of the fact that he called off his other job twice last week! I hate to know whats wrong with the truck on top of the fact that I will need to get a rental car too.

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