Sunday, December 21, 2008


For six of the greatest years of my life


Happy 6th Anniversary, Baby ! In the last six years (we have been a couple for almost 9.5) 

-We have been given the gift of 2 of the most gorgeous boys in the world

-We have lived in 4 homes in 3 different states

-You have put up with me being pregnant

-You learned how to change diapers and make bottles

-You have allowed me to be me (and wear the pants in the family) Just kidding, I promise I won't tell your friends

I could go on and on, but to me the most important is that every day, you tell me that you love me and I am beautiful, even when my hair is standing up, I am wearing pajamas and I haven't brushed my teeth.  I love you baby, may the future bring us the peace we both wish for, and many (forever) years together,

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